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In today's fast growing business and technology data management and reporting is a big challenge for most of the vertical business lines. The proactive management always looks for accurate and real -time data analysis and reporting for better decision making. CVL's BI (Business Intelligence) and Data warehousing solutions are designed to fit the specific organization's reporting requirement. CVL's BI solutions decrease the cost of project, increase sales and deliver direct benefits to sales team and end users with less hassle in operations.

CVL conduct the assessment and POC, by conducting workshops with SMEs (Subject Matter Expert), understand implementation challenges and roadmaps. Based on the workshop outcome, CVL's BI experienced expert team layout the BI implementation, reporting and data management strategy to fit your BI goals and objectives. Our BI expert team work closely with end user and define the information requirements, build the information portfolios which outlines the KPI (Key Performance Indicators).Our BI expert team always builds flexible and modifiable attributes at the time of data management blue print and realization phase. It will help constantly evolving business to keep up data management with the rapidly changing business requirements.

ROI Analysis:

CVL thoroughly conduct the return on investment assessment before the project implementation. Data integrity and data integration are part of technology & business discussion. Once the business context are defined, the technology and data integration requirements can be detailed within the context of business to determine the data integration initiative will provide value to the business in terms of return on investment.

CVL - BI Consulting Services:

(a) Analyze the business information and data requirement
(b) Conduct GAP analysis and provide solution to bridge the gap.
(c) Define the Key Metrics and KPIs
(d) Prepare blue print
(e) Identify the risk, challenges and prepare a mitigation plan
(f) Prioritize the reporting requirements as per business criticality
(g) Prepare delivery roadmaps and support model
(h) Supply experience BI resources.
(i) End user training (Adoption)

BI - MDM Integration:

Integration of BI and MDM is important for Data Quality
Master Data Quality has an impact on transactional and analytical data.

Why BI - MDM Integration ?

  • Inaccurate master data can hamper go to market effectiveness.
  • Inaccurate master data impacts customer facing transactions.
  • Supplier data problems lead to sub-optimal Procurement decisions.
  • Lack of consistent information affects ability to make strategic decisions that supports innovation and growth.

  • Challenges of Master Data Quality

    Benefits of BI Integration :

  • Provides a single version of the truth.
  • Solves critical data integration problems out of the box.
  • Reduce the cost of rework due to out of data.
  • Provides real-time insights.
  • Simplifies new data acquisitions(i.e. mergers and acquisitions).
  • Provides Flexibility.
  • Reduces the need for redundant master data storage(if using remote master data).
  • Increases the speed to respond to changes.
  • Is essential for achieving Enterprise SOA.

  • BI Integration - Short Term Goal

    Adding MDM to Existing BI Scenario
  • Creation of Unique Key MDM ID.
  • Consolidation and merging in the MDM data manager before distribution is executed in the MDM Syndicator.
  • BI used for storing majority of attributes while SAP MDM stores duplicate identification.
  • MDM enables harmonization and cross-system analysis.

  • BI Integration - Long Term Goal

    Centrally Managed Master Data
  • SAP MDM works as the central data management hub to consolidate and
    identify duplicates containing the globally relevant data attributes
  • BI used for the instance where majority of attributes are stored for analysis purposes
  • Consolidation scenario where data is shared with SAP MDM
    and/or other options of SAP MDM are viable
  • CVL's Siebel CRM Application Support and Managed Solutions

    Keep wondering what keeps your Customer unsatisfied, why customers never come back, despite of the best efforts, commitment and cost expenditure why you are not able to make them happy, we will provide you the answers through our CRM initiatives.

    CVL Inc provides Siebel support and professional services to make your business run quickly and effectively. We understand your "Business Needs" and provide cost effective CRM implementation and Support.
    We provide AMS (Application Management Service) services in the following areas:

    • Application Development & Deployment
    • Production Support
    • Application Enhancement and Managed services
    • CRM QA & Testing services
    • Siebel CRM Automation using QTP
    • Siebel Performance Testing
    • Training and User Adoption Services

    Industry Wide Experience

    CVL Technologies Inc. has wide Industry experience in Siebel implementation with our channel partners. We have many success stories to implement the Siebel application in the following industry verticals:

    • Energy & Power
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Financial
    • Telecom

    We provide cost effective solutions in the following Siebel products:

    • Siebel CRM On Demand
    • Siebel Customer Support
    • Siebel Sales
    • Siebel Service
    • Siebel Marketing
    • Siebel Analytics
    • Siebel ePharma
    • Siebel eChannel
    • Siebel eCustomer

    CVL CRM Solution Benefits:
    Cost effective Solutions: We provide co-managed services by providing Industry expert resources. Drastic reduction in your operating and Project Implementation cost.

    Single Point solution: You can purchase the entire product solutions or can opt for partial offerings as per your requirement. We have large Siebel industry expert resource pool to fulfill your resource requirement Consistent: Based on our unique methodology for providing managed services for Siebel CRM applications you always get quick and consistent service.

    Contact CVL Technologies Inc. today and get the Siebel services that your business needs to be successful.

    CVL's Cloud Computing Services:

    More and More IT implementations are moving from enterprise own infrastructure and platforms to the enterprise cloud computing. Cloud applications and platforms like Salesforce CRM, Google Apps and other Apps, has provided possible collaborative environment for business as well as IT. Multi-Tenancy (Public Cloud) is fundamentally different than Single-Tenancy (Hosted, Private Cloud). CVL has broad expertise in implementation of cloud platforms and supplying experienced resources across allcloud technologies requirements. We can help clients not only to develop a single application, also build a cloud computing adoption strategy and plan.

    Our cloud adoption approach will put together the multiple could application across your business area. CVL's unmatched experience in "Enterprise Cloud Computing", Strategic partnership and our experienced resource pool will result in benefits that are possible from cloud application and platform.

    CVL Cloud Services:

    (1) Sales Cloud
    (2) Service Cloud
    (3) Custom Cloud
    (4) Collaboration Cloud (Chatter)
    (5) CTI Integration
    (6) Case Mgt
    (7) Solution
    (8) Custom Cloud
    Our SAP Expertise helps company in achieving the two pronged strategy and goal of reduced costs and increase value through our SAP Services and SAP expert resource pool. We offer a portfolio of SAP services, designed to optimize SAP systems. CVL 's end to end SAP Solution and Services are delivered through a dedicated or shared service model, which will help customer to leverage our skills and services across SAP Implementation life cycle. Our SAP Services can be used based on time and money model enables customer to have better control over the SAP implementation costs and support costs.

    SAP Net Weaver is a business process platform, which serves as base for enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The platform enables and integrate information, align people, business process and technology boundaries. Our resource augmentation services will provide Net Wearer and PI expert resources which will help your organization to achieve the SAP implementation and support requirement.

    Our Core Competencies are in the following area:

    . Process Integration (PI)
    . SAP MDM
    . SAP Netweaver
    . SAP Portals
    . MySAP ECC, including ERP, SCM, SRM, CRM, SEM, BI, APO
    . R/3 Functional Modules such as HR, FI, CO, TM, PS, IM, SD, MM, PP, WM, PM, QM, BW and SM
    . SAP ABAP
    . SAP Basis
    . SAP Security

    We offer following Services:

    . SAP Support Service: CVL's Support model that helps, maintain and enhance your SAP applications, optimizing delivery time, maintain quality and reduce costs.
    . SAP Upgrade: Our upgrade implementation expertise keep up to date with the latest functionality and technology through CVL's SAP upgrade services.
    . SAP Implementation: Our ASAP methodology expertise ensures high quality SAP rollouts on-time, within project budget.
    . SAP Testing Services: Our packaged application testing team provides jump start to SAP QA and SAP Testing challenges.

    CVL Testing Services:

    CVL has testing COE (Center Of Excellence) established in the year 2005. Since then we are providing software testing services. CVL has integrated and managed team to deliver project based deliverables as well as contract based assignment to augment your testing resource requirements. CVL's expertise included on Agile (Scrum), Waterfall, ASAP Methodology. Our testing COE has in depth knowledge and wide industry experience on key testing areas that are based on industry standard practices. We will evaluate the current testing "as is" practices in your organization and make a recommendation for the "to be" process will be based on the gaps observed between current testing process and industry standard practices.

    We conduct our assessment on following testing key areas:

    . Requirement Management
    . Change Control Management
    . Test Strategy & Test Planning
    . Test Organization with clear Roles and Responsibilities
    . Test Environment Setup
    . Test Case Design
    . Test Data Setup
    . Test Execution
    . Test Management, Results & Reporting
    . Test tool usage
    . Regression Testing & Test Automation
    . Metrics definition

    CVL-QA Assessment Areas:

    CVL's testing services categories:

    Manual Testing: Well experienced QA and test professionals provide industry standard testing solutions. It includes Web Based Applications, ERP functional testing, CRM& Cloud Computing Testing. Automation Testing: We have vast vertical industry experience in building the good regression suites, of your business processes, using automation tools like QTP & QC , for ERP we use SAP TAO, QTP and QC Tools. Our expertise includes Installing SAP TAO, Configuring the environment for SAP TAO & SAP SM. Assess HP QC upgrade without impacting your testing roadmaps.

    Data Warehouse Testing: We are expert in specialized and technical testing for example DW (Data Warehousing testing, BI , BO reports validation and end to end data validation testing .

    CVL Test Management Services:

    Software QA Management:
    The entire testing project including specific standard processes; Defect Management, Project Communication, Project On Site and Off Shore Co-ordination, Test Governance, support UAT and Cut Over Plan.

    Test Strategy & Test Plan Development:
    We build solid testing foundation by test strategy and test planning, to execute the project while ensuring the highest level of quality.

    Resource Planning: Prepare the resource ramp up, resource down plan and identify the right skill set needed to perform the testing responsibilities within the project time line.

    Test Metrics Identification
    Our expert continuously guide customer and build detail test metrics which will govern the testing projects and key mile stone during the testing SDLC process.

    Test Environment Planning & Management
    Work closely with architecture team, conduct sanity test, smoke test, and prepare multiple types of test environments.

    Test Data Planning Conduct detail test data requirement analysis and collect production like test data before test execution phase start.

    Test Case Development & Execution
    CVL deploy skilled test analysts to develop and execute comprehensive test cases, map the test cases with requirements, and conduct workshop with business /SME (Subject Matter Experts), get sign off and enter in to execution test cycles phase.

    CVL Test Automation Services:

    Performance Testing:
    CVL Performance engineers evaluate the performance testing requirement, conduct sizing analysis with prod environment. Performance testing measures & evaluates the hardware performance and system response time to determine if the test results meet the acceptable level of performance. Performance Test results will answer the following questions.

    . Does the application respond quickly enough for the intended users?
    . Will the application handle the expected user load ?
    . Will the application handle the number of transactions required by the business?
    . Is the application stable under expected and unexpected user loads?
    . Will users have a positive experience (i.e., fast response time) on go-live day?

    Functional Regression Testing:
    CVL assess your company's technologies involved and define the frame work which will be robust and suite your environment based on standard automation practices. CVL has delivered many automation successful projects and helps client in building their regression test suite. Before automation begins, CVL automation expert finalize the automation scope and conduct ROI, which will give you upfront decision making capability, before you begin automation investment. We build ongoing maintenance plan to keep regression suite running and accommodate new enhancement to your business process.

    CVL Technology Inc. is a leading provider of consulting services related to automated test tools. We have established partnerships with the leading tools providers for defect tracking, load testing, regression testing, and test management. Whether you need assistance in selecting and implementingan automated test tool, or have an existing tool inventory that is underutilized or Upgrade Quality Center, CVL has experience to help your organization increase efficiency, productivity and software quality.
    Automation projects can be divided into two phases:

    Phase I: Tool Acquisition

    Phase II: Tool Implementation

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