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BI Reporting Solution
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In today's fast growing business and technology data management and reporting is a big challenge for most of the vertical business lines. The proactive management always looks for accurate and real -time data analysis and reporting for better decision making. CVL's BI (Business Intelligence) and Data warehousing solutions are designed to fit the specific organization's reporting requirement. CVL's BI solutions decrease the cost of project, increase sales and deliver direct benefits to sales team and end users with less hassle in operations.

CVL conduct the assessment and POC, by conducting workshops with SMEs (Subject Matter Expert), understand implementation challenges and roadmaps. Based on the workshop outcome, CVL's BI experienced expert team layout the BI implementation, reporting and data management strategy to fit your BI goals and objectives. Our BI expert team work closely with end user and define the information requirements, build the information portfolios which outlines the KPI (Key Performance Indicators).Our BI expert team always builds flexible and modifiable attributes at the time of data management blue print and realization phase. It will help constantly evolving business to keep up data management with the rapidly changing business requirements.

ROI Analysis:

CVL thoroughly conduct the return on investment assessment before the project implementation. Data integrity and data integration are part of technology & business discussion. Once the business context are defined, the technology and data integration requirements can be detailed within the context of business to determine the data integration initiative will provide value to the business in terms of return on investment.

CVL - BI Consulting Services:

(a) Analyze the business information and data requirement
(b) Conduct GAP analysis and provide solution to bridge the gap.
(c) Define the Key Metrics and KPIs
(d) Prepare blue print
(e) Identify the risk, challenges and prepare a mitigation plan
(f) Prioritize the reporting requirements as per business criticality
(g) Prepare delivery roadmaps and support model
(h) Supply experience BI resources.
(i) End user training (Adoption)

BI - MDM Integration:

Why BI - MDM Integration ?

  • Inaccurate master data can hamper go to market effectiveness.
  • Inaccurate master data impacts customer facing transactions.
  • Supplier data problems lead to sub-optimal Procurement decisions.
  • Lack of consistent information affects ability to make strategic decisions that supports innovation and growth.

  • Challenges of Master Data Quality

    Benefits of BI Integration :

  • Provides a single version of the truth.
  • Solves critical data integration problems out of the box.
  • Reduce the cost of rework due to out of data.
  • Provides real-time insights.
  • Simplifies new data acquisitions(i.e. mergers and acquisitions).
  • Provides Flexibility.
  • Reduces the need for redundant master data storage
    (if using remote master data).
  • Increases the speed to respond to changes.
  • Is essential for achieving Enterprise SOA.

  • Adding MDM to Existing BI Scenario

    BI Integration - Short Term Goal

  • Creation of Unique Key MDM ID.
  • Consolidation and merging in the MDM data manager before distribution is executed in the MDM Syndicator.
  • BI used for storing majority of attributes while SAP MDM stores
    duplicate identification.
  • MDM enables harmonization and cross-system analysis.

  • BI Integration - Long Term Goal

    Centrally Managed Master Data

  • SAP MDM works as the central data management
    hub to consolidate and identify duplicates containing
    the globally relevant data attributes.
  • BI used for the instance where majority of attributes are
    stored for analysis purposes.
  • Consolidation scenario where data is shared with SAP MDM
    and / or other options of SAP MDM are viable.

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