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CVL Test Automation Services:
Performance Testing:

CVL Performance engineers evaluate the performance testing requirement, conduct sizing analysis with prod environment. Performance testing measures & evaluates the hardware performance and system response time to determine if the test results meet the acceptable level of performance.

Performance Test results will answer the following questions.
  • Does the application respond quickly enough for the intended users?
  • Will the application handle the expected user load ?
  • Will the application handle the number of transactions required by the business?
  • Is the application stable under expected and unexpected user loads?
  • Will users have a positive experience (i.e., fast response time) on go-live day?

Functional Regression Testing:

CVL assess your company's technologies involved and define the frame work which will be robust and suite your environment based on standard automation practices. CVL has delivered many automation successful projects and helps client in building their regression test suite. Before automation begins, CVL automation expert finalize the automation scope and conduct ROI, which will give you upfront decision making capability, before you begin automation investment. We build ongoing maintenance plan to keep regression suite running and accommodate new enhancement to your business process.

SAP TAO - Automation:
The SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO) software streamlines the creation and maintenance of ERP business process testing.

What is SAP TAO?
  • It helps to break down applications into reusable components, which can then be assembled into test scripts. The test scripts can then be run, performing the steps automatically and recording the results.
  • Users build reusable tests so that future testing is easier and faster.
  • Business personnel will be needed to participate in utilizing this new tool.

  • Testing Optimization Benefits:
    Automated testing with SAP TAO maximizes:

  • Testing Deployment :
  • SAP TAO, in tandem with HP Quality Center, reduces the amount of time required to build and execute test scripts.

  • Reuse :
  • SAP TAO eliminates the need to create new tests whenever a component changes.

  • Maintenance :
  • SAP TAO allows you to record component parameters.

    CVL's expertise in SAP TAO automation helps client to reduce automation common mistakes, reduce the maintenance by advance level of planning & frame work, user defined function approach and component reusability approach. Which fits on demand business process change request and meet the agility of business process without any delay.

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